Are Cremation Services Better For The Environment?

Posted on September 23, 2019 by admin under cremations
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While there are some clear-cut differences between traditional burial and cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL, like the fact that cremation is much less costly, there are other things that aren’t quite as obvious. Many people believe that cremation is more eco-friendly than traditional burial, but not everyone says that. If you want to do something earth-friendly, there are many reasons to believe that cremation is better for the environment. Here are a few to chew on:

cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL

No Chemicals In The Earth

While the cremation process itself does indeed put out carbon emissions, there aren’t any harmful chemicals placed into the ground. With traditional burial, embalming is often a part of the process, especially if there is to be a visitation. Those chemicals then go into the ground, along with the casket, and eventually seep into the earth. With cremation, no such chemicals ever go into the earth, even if the ashes or an urn are buried.

No Need For Space

Cremated remains can be buried, either within an urn or on their own. However, that takes up very little space compared to a casket. Plus, with cremation, there’s no necessity to bury. You can find other resting places for cremains, like family land, a park, a garden, or even the sea. You don’t have to have any space at all to give your loved one a final resting place. Traditional burial, on the other hand, takes up quite a bit of space in the earth.

No Harmful Materials That Don’t Deteriorate

Caskets can be made eco-friendly, but more often they are wood or even metal materials. While wood isn’t quite as bad, it still generally has metal on it, like on the handles, latches, or hinges. Metal just doesn’t break down, even under the ground. With cremation, you don’t have to put any of those materials in the ground at all. The ashes can be kept in an urn at home or spread somewhere without anything being added to the ground that won’t break down—ever.

While the cremation process itself requires the output of carbon emissions, many people believe that because of these other above elements, cremation is a much friendlier disposition method. If you are interested in getting details on cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL, either for your own pre-plans or for a loved one you know wants to be as friendly to the environment themselves in their own passing, you can contact the professionals at Fourtowns Cremation Inc. Call us at (386) 774-8055 and we’ll answer any questions you have about cremation, what it does to the environment, if anything, and how you can set up pre-plans, if you’d like. You can also come to visit with us in person at 123 Industrial Dr Ste 102 Orange City, FL 32763. We’d love to share packages with you and allow you to pick and choose among them to get just what you want for final services. If you’re concerned with the environment, we’ll help customize plans to suit your needs.

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