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When you have cremation services in Daytona Beach, FL for a loved one, you might also have a memorial service to honor their life and bring your family together to support one another. Sometimes, just because of the occasion, the venue in which you have that service may seem drab and somber. If you want to remember your loved one, but also, in a way, celebrate a life well-lived, there are ways you can brighten up the room you choose for their memorial. Here are some ideas to help you come to a decision that might work well for your family.

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Idea 1: Flowers

There will likely be flowers present in the memorial service and you can choose some arrangements of your own. Make them colorful and light of scent to brighten the room and bring a cheery appeal. You can choose flowers that aren’t normally funeral flowers if you want to give the room a unique appeal.

Idea 2: Lighting

It’s an advantage to get as much natural lighting in the space as possible so it’s brighter and brings more natural elements in. If there are any windows, make sure the window coverings are open. If there aren’t, try to add lighting if the room seems too dark. You can use lamps, floor lights, or other items to make the room feel more welcoming and open.

Idea 3: Play Music

It can make visitors feel better just to hear nice music when they walk in. You can play whatever you’d like from upbeat instrumentals to pop songs your loved one enjoyed. The music can help to brighten the room and bring about memories of your loved one’s favorite things.

Idea 4: Suggest A Dress Code

Sometimes, even if the room is nice and bright and open, it can be dragged down by lots of people wearing dark, funeral-like clothing. Suggest to guests that they wear something bright in color even a certain color to remember your loved one’s favorites. That can help bring the room to a new level and give people a different emotion that’s more uplifting during the memorial service.

Idea 4: Move Outside

If you really want to make a difference in the appearance of a memorial service, move the service outside to a park, a family home grounds, or somewhere else. If your loved one liked a particular area, having things outside might be the right move.

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