Closing Accounts After Cremation Services

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If you find yourself in charge of a loved one’s final services, you might also be in charge of other things after the cremation services Deland, FL are complete. Your first order of business is to ensure that your loved one is completely cared for in a dignified manner. After that, you have to concern yourself with their financial affairs, so they are not taken advantage of or they identity stolen while they are vulnerable. Here’s a short list of some cancellation details you will want to look over:

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Cancel The Credit Cards

One of the first things you will do is cancel your loved one’s credit cards so no one else can use them or steal the numbers. You will first have to pay whatever balance is on the card and then you can call the credit card number and, with your loved one’s Social Security number, get the card cancelled.

Cancel Cell Phone Plans

You will want to call the cell phone company and give your loved one’s name, phone number, and possibly social security number. You might have to send a death certificate to the company to prove that your loved one has passed away before you can get them out of whatever contract they have.

Utility Cancellation

IF your loved one owned a home, you may want to hold off on cancelling all of the utilities. You may sell the home at some point and at that time, you can transfer those bills to the next owner. If you are ready to cancel, call the customer service line for each utility they have and grab a recent bill to read off numbers and details as well as your loves one’s SS#.

Other Memberships

If your loved one had a gym membership, a Costco account, or other such things, have their member ID number hand. You might have to submit a death certificate to certain organizations to get the memberships cancelled as well.

Social Media Accounts

There are some email and social media accounts that allow you to deactivate them with ease. You might even have your loved one add you to those accounts beforehand and you should think of adding someone as well so it’s easier for people to cancel the accounts when you pass on.

These are just a few of the things you will want to think about as you cancel financial and other aspects when your loved one passes on. Concentrate on the cremation services Deland, FL first and deal with the rest once you’ve had time to honor your loved one in the way they deserve. For help with final services, or for other advice, contact the experts at Fourtowns Cremation Inc. by calling (386) 774-8055. We’re here to help with anything you need before, during, and even after the services. You can call us or stop by and visit with our funeral director in person at 123 S Industrial Dr Ste 102, Orange City, FL 32763. We’re here to help you get as much in order as possible.

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