Discussing Death with a Child

Posted on December 27, 2021 by Fourtowns Cremation, Inc. under cremations
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Discussing the topic of death with a child doesn’t have to be stressful and awkward, in fact, teaching your kids about death is always a great learning opportunity. Whether it was a family member that your child lost or a pet, it’s always a good idea to avoid shielding your children away from these natural processes. Cremation services in Orlando, FL are provided by us, and we are always willing to work with families about the best options. Again, death is one of the most natural processes in the world, so with that in mind, giving your children the tools to deal with them now is essential.

Be Concrete

Unfortunately, this is a step that a lot of parents struggle with the most, however, it is not usually intentional! A lot of parents’ natural instincts are to shield their child away from painful emotions and information, as they do not wish to cause their child pain or distress yet doing this can lead to a lot of anxiety and confusion down the road. The best thing that we can do for a child after death is to be completely honest and straightforward. Avoid dancing around the truth, as children are very observant and will probably notice there is something you are hiding. The truth is that your kids will inevitably experience moments of sadness throughout their life, so there really is no point avoiding the topic of death.

Avoid Overwhelming

While it is recommended that we be as straightforward and honest as possible when discussing the topic of death, it’s a good idea to avoid information overload. What this means is that while we encourage parents to be frank when speaking about death, you probably don’t want to go through every single thing that goes on after a person dies, especially right after you’ve initially broken the news of a death. Kids absorb information in small bits, so save unnecessary information for another time.

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Emotions are Welcomed

Showing your kids that you have emotions is crucial in nurturing their emotional development. What isn’t good practice is avoiding revealing emotions to your children in fear of worrying them; the message these actions send instead is that “Crying should be avoided”, which is not what we want our children to learn. It is absolutely fine if your child sees you cry, as it teaches them that emotions are okay, and all feelings are valid.


When it comes to attending the funeral, this can prove a touchy subject to many parents. Some parents may shield their children away from attending a funeral, while some may force their kids to attend, and truthfully, both of these methods we advise against. What you should, however, do is to ask your child what they feel comfortable with. If your child decides that they wish to attend the service, then be sure to encourage that choice while also explaining exactly what they can expect to see and do while there. If your child refuses to go, then it’s important that they have that option as well.

Breaking the news of a death to a child is never easy, but it should never be avoided. Cremation services in Orlando, FL are available today and every day so give us a call!

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