Open Casket vs. Closed Casket

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During such a painful and difficult time in your life, oftentimes the last choice you want to have to decide on is whether your loved one’s funeral will be an open or closed casket. While it can be a tough decision to make, it is necessary that you pick both the right option for your family, as well as the deceased. There are many benefits to both options that you may want to strongly consider before making any premature decisions. We provide cremation services in Orlando, FL, and would love to help and support you along the way. Read on and learn more!

More Time for Preparation with an Open Casket

A benefit of choosing an open casket funeral is that it allows families more time for planning and preparation. If you are dealing with the sudden or untimely death of a loved one, a service held on short notice may not be convenient for family and friends who live farther away. If you do choose an open casket funeral, this means that the deceased’s body will need to be embalmed. Embalming is the process of preserving a body after it has passed to prevent any early decomposition. With time on your side due to this process, this gives all extended family and friends from afar time to plan accordingly and make sure that they can work into their schedule the upcoming services.

Saying Goodbye with an Open Casket

If physical last goodbyes are especially meaningful to you, then an open casket may be the way to go. With an open casket service, the body is on full display for all of the attendees. While it can initially be unsettling to imagine a person you loved in life to lay deceased, it is oftentimes a healing experience as well as a comfort to some. We can assure you that prior to the service your loved ones will have been properly prepared ahead of time so that they are as presentable as possible for their last goodbyes. With an open casket service, family and friends are free to walk up to the deceased and say any last words while getting a final look at someone who meant so much.

Preserving Memories with a Closed Casket

On the other hand, while some people can view an open casket funeral as a therapeutic experience in which final goodbyes are said, others are strongly opposed and unsettled by that notion. If your loved one was someone almost larger than life in personality, it can be devastating to see them laying in a casket. For this reason, many people choose to go with a closed casket service. Going this route will allow you to preserve and maintain all of the memories you had with the deceased while they were alive and full of life.

cremation services in Orlando, FL

A Closed Casket Offers Peace

Depending on a lot of factors, including whether or not children will be in attendance, a closed casket service can ease a lot of anxieties that people may be feeling. Not only is viewing a deceased body unsettling, but funerals oftentimes remind us of our own mortality and can make for an extremely uncomfortable experience when a dead body is present. Sometimes it is safer to go with a closed casket so that everyone is comfortable, but again, whatever works best for you and your family is the best decision.

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