Should You Have A Cremation Service At Sea?

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Living in Florida, you have a close proximity to one large body of water or another. That makes it a lot easier for your ashes to be scattered in the ocean or buried at sea. If you are planning cremation services in Deland, FL, you might consider those options. Here are a few reasons to consider having a memorial service and ash scattering or burial at sea.

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Reason 1: You Love The Ocean

One of the biggest reasons people choose to have their ashes scattered in the ocean, or a biodegradable urn placed in the water and cast out to sea is because they love the ocean. If you love nothing more than the sounds of the waves and the smell in the air along with the sight of endless blue, it’s where you’ve always wanted to be, in the end. That’s reason enough to request a burial at sea or for your ashes to be scattered. If you know that’s what you want, you can pre-plan your cremation as well as your memorial service and your final resting place. You can even look up rules and codes so your family members know just what to do and how to do it. The cremation provider, of course, can help with those details as well.

Reason 2: You Have Good Memories Around The Water

Even if you didn’t live right on the water, you may have wonderful memories that reside near the ocean. Perhaps your family took picnics there on the weekends or stayed in a house on the beach for a week over the summer. There are plenty of memories to be made around the ocean, with fun in every wave. If you had some of the best times around the water, you’ll want your family to remember those times when they say goodbye to you.

Reason 3: Your Family Would Enjoy It

When you think about your future services, of course they’re about you since they will revolve around your passing. But they are also about your family members. When you choose things in advance, you have to balance what you want and what you think your family would enjoy. If you don’t care where you are laid to rest, perhaps you will still choose an ocean burial at sea simply because you know your family would enjoy the process and it would bring them together to support one another during a difficult time.

If you’re considering what type of final resting place to have after your pre-planned cremation services in Deland, FL are complete, contact the professionals at Fourtowns Cremation Inc for other ideas. We can help with the details and get everything in order so you know your family is without burdens of planning when you pass on in the future. Call us at (386) 774-8055 to put together some plans or to go over options. You can also visit with us in person at 123 Industrial Dr Ste 102 Orange City, FL 32763.

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